Since each project and each client is unique, the process may vary some, but the outline below shows what the typical process would be for the design of your new custom home.

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  • Initial phone conversation
  • Face to face consultation
    • We meet to “interview” each other. During this time, you’ll be able to see samples of our work, ask questions, discuss specifics about your project, etc. You should bring your ideas, lot information, Homeowner’s Association requirements, etc. We want to make sure that the proposed project and those involved are a “fit” for each other.
  • Agreement is presented (this could be at the interview meeting or later, depending on the project)
  • Agreement is signed and deposit is exchanged
  • Visit to lot or acreage
  • Preliminary design is executed
  • Presentation of preliminary design
    • We will meet and discuss the preliminary design. You will be able to take the drawings home with you in order to study them further.
  • Redesign/tweaking of preliminary if needed
    • (The above two steps may need to be repeated a limited number of times)
  • Approval of preliminary
    • You should be sure you are comfortable with the design at this point, as changes made after approval of the preliminary will result in additional fees. Progress payment is due at this time.
  • Execution of construction documents
  • Engineering phase
  • Final look at plans before printing & approval
  • Completed plan sets ready & final payment due


The Process For Custom Home Design In Kansas City And Surrounding Areas
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