design team for your New Home Design in Kansas City MoNew Home Design in Kansas City MO

The process of design entails inventing a plan that becomes a solution for you.  In this case, the solution is a house plan or remodel/addition plan or basement finish plan, etc. that fits your wants, needs, and distinctive lifestyle.  But it also has to encompass things such as size and physical features of your lot, building codes, Homeowner’s Association requirements, setback requirements, etc.  The plan is then translated through the process of drafting into a set of construction documents that is used for estimating, bidding, permitting, and construction purposes to ultimately result in a home that fits you and your family’s lifestyle like a glove. Below are some tips to consider when deciding to plan your new home design in Kansas City, MO:

Designing Your New Home Takes Commitment

Make sure you’re ready to commit the time needed to your project before you sign an agreement to begin the design phase.  If you start a design project and then let it languish for an unreasonable amount of time, the design will suffer for lack of continuity.  There will always be the possibility of unforeseen circumstances, but don’t plan to start a project if you know you have several upcoming major events that will distract you for enormous amounts of time, and will not allow you to be committed to your project.

Don’t Rush the Process

Many people think about their project for months or even years before deciding to proceed.  Then, once they’ve made the decision to proceed, they want to rush through their project and be able to move into a completed house within an unreasonable amount of time.  This generally does not allow them to thoroughly think through their design options and make good decisions.

Remember It’s Your House Designed to Suit Your Needs

You’ve been planning for months, maybe even years to start your dream home, and you’re finally to the point of the design phase.  Once you receive your preliminary plans, you’ll most likely want to show off your project to family and friends.  You’ll be proud of your design.  But then as Uncle Robert looks at them during a family gathering, he suddenly blurts out, “why did you put the master bedroom there?”  You feel deflated.  Take a deep breath.  Keep in mind that everyone’s wants, needs, and lifestyle are different.  Uncle Robert is looking at the plans from his perspective, and to him, the master bedroom may be in the wrong place.

But you will be living in this house, paying for it, maintaining it, cleaning it, paying to insure it, possibly selling it sometime in the future, etc.  Listen to Uncle Robert – he may bring a fresh perspective that you had not thought about; but ultimately, your new home design must fit your needs, wants, and lifestyle – so if the master bedroom is exactly where you decide it should be, remember that it’s your house, and don’t worry that Uncle Robert thinks the master bedroom is in the wrong place – when he begins his project, he can have the master bedroom right where it suits his needs, wants, and lifestyle.

We will also make suggestions of changes, based on our perspective of traffic flow, cost, materials, style, structure, etc.  Please listen to us also; but ultimately, since it is your house, we usually only say no when we absolutely have to – that’s when it’s illegal, immoral or unethical on our part, unsafe, against code, or just plain unbuildable.

New Home Design in Kansas City MO