stock house planIf designing a new home from scratch is not for you, we do have stock house plans available. For some of our clients, modifying one of our stock house plans can be the best solution for their desire to build their dream home and what works with their available budget and time. If one of our plans is “almost perfect”, we can modify it to suit your needs.  Call us at 816-525-3506 to ask about modifying stock house plans.

If you have found a stock house plan elsewhere, it can be modified under certain conditions. Stock house plans purchased elsewhere may have limitations on the type and amount of modifications that can be done. Some desired changes may seem minor but can possibly end up requiring more extensive modifications than is practical for the project. If you would like us to modify a stock plan that you plan to obtain elsewhere, please call us at 816-525-3506 before you order the stock plan.  Make sure you understand the pros and cons of using and modifying stock house plans before you order one. Take a look at our article, Stock Plans vs Modified Stock Plans vs Custom Home Plans, to learn the ins and outs of stock plans, modifying stock plans, and custom house plans.