This will vary depending on the existing conditions and the complexity of the new project. The example below could possibly be for a whole house remodel/addition. Please consult us for the specifies pertaining to your particular project.

The minimum ...

  • Cover sheet
  • At least one sheet of notes
  • As-Built layouts for each area affected
  • Demo plan if needed
  • Foundation Plan
  • Floor plan (for each floor area involved, including a separate plan for any involved finished space in the basement)
  • Roof plan
  • Elevations (number of elevations depends on those affected by new work)
  • At least one sheet of sections needed for construction & permit
  • Foundation structural plan
  • Structural plan for each floor area involved
  • Roof structural plan

Options (at additional cost) ...

  • Interior details
  • Electrical schematics for each floor
  • Kitchen & bath details
  • Detailed closet layouts
  • Detailed deck design & details
  • Outdoor area design & details
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